Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open Letter To Jacob Hubbard:

In light of the recent arguments that were taking place between you and Serra, I have a few comments and notes I wish to express openly.

I was hoping, as I read through the back-and-forth dialogue, that you of all people would have some "meat" to discuss.  Specifically if you are going to make a claim that you can back-it up.  What I read was a lot of surface comments and deflections and, to be frank, personal attacks.  

Personal attacks, in my opinion, are nothing but quick and cheap jabs and an attempt to deflect a question or comment.  Not only that but personal attacks divert off the main course and go down paths unrelated or create conversations which have no depth, point, or logic.  

While I realize you and Serra will never see eye-to-eye, I was quite shocked and taken back to the extent for which you carried the personal jabs.  I am a believer that two educated individuals can have a good conversation without side-tracking.  I would have liked to seen less personal jabs and more "meat."  Personal jabs and deflections is just fat.  

Finally, repeating what Serra posted and changing a few words is not only immature but pointless.  And as a long-time user of Facebook you should have known that if you post on my wall only two people can delete what you wrote: yourself and the author, in this case, me.  

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